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Doctor Afoot is a mobile podiatrist service operated by Dr. Lilja. Dr. Lilja is a talented, skilled, and knowledgeable foot and ankle surgeon with more than 18 years of experience serving the Seattle, WA area. Whether you’re looking for custom-made orthotics, ingrown toenail removal, or sprained ankle treatment, you can trust Dr. Lilja to provide the personalized care you need.

What makes Doctor Afoot stand out? We’re proud to offer our services wherever you need them. As a mobile podiatrist, we bring our tools and supplies with us to provide our patients with convenient care. In fact, we frequently make house calls, allowing patients to access our foot and ankle specialist from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, we are a cash-pay-only service. This means we don’t require or accept health insurance, ensuring your experience is as easy as can be.

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