Running Injuries, Heel Pain, Sprains, & Splints

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Ankle and foot sprains are frustrating! They can instantly take you out of your game. Let Doctor Afoot be the first on the scene with hands-on evaluation, splinting, and recommendations for further care as needed.

Running Injury

Most runners are familiar with pain. Knowing which pain to run through and which to work with can make a key difference in the outcome. Let Doctor Afoot assess your problem, help you prevent dangerous injury, and keep you on target with your athletic goals.

Heel Pain

Active lifestyles often eventually experience heel pain. This high-traffic area can have difficulty dissipating the stress of daily life or workout routines. Have your heel pain evaluated by an expert with years of experience getting people back on their feet in comfort.

Splint, Cast, Boot

Fitting the right protective device can make all the difference in your recovery. Doctor Afoot will bring the necessary materials to make sure that you are professionally immobilized to maximize your recovery.