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Foot & Ankle Surgery

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If you're experiencing foot or ankle pain, it can be difficult to go about your daily routine. Even simple tasks like walking can become a struggle. Fortunately, Dr. Lilja, a mobile podiatrist specializing in foot and ankle, can help alleviate your pain and get you back on your feet — literally. By offering on-site consultations without a weeks-long waiting period, a mobile podiatrist can provide personalized care in the comfort of your own home.

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Injuries a Foot and Ankle Surgeon Can Help With

A foot and ankle surgeon like Dr. Lilja can provide expert care for a wide range of foot injuries and issues. One of the most common is plantar fasciitis, a painful condition that affects the heel and bottom of the foot. However, a mobile podiatrist can also help with ankle sprains, fractures, and other injuries that can result from sports or other physical activities. Dr. Lilja can also expect treatment options for minor and chronic conditions like bunions, hammertoes, and ingrown toenails, all of which can cause pain and discomfort.

Other Treatment Options

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How A Mobile Podiatrist Handles Foot Injuries

A mobile podiatrist is essentially a foot specialist who provides personalized care and treatment for foot and ankle conditions. When it comes to treating foot injuries, Dr. Lilja has the advantage of utilizing local hospital privileges to perform surgery with the latest technology and equipment. This means they can provide patients with advanced surgical treatments in a hospital setting without the need for them to travel to a separate facility.

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Long-Lasting Benefits of Podiatric Surgery

While the immediate benefits of podiatric surgery are obvious, such as relief from pain and improved mobility, there are also many long-lasting benefits. For example, by addressing the underlying cause of several problems, a foot and ankle surgeon can help prevent further damage and reduce the risk of future injuries. Additionally, improved foot and ankle function can lead to better overall health and quality of life, as patients can perform daily activities with greater ease and comfort.

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